EU SPI Case studies

Posted at 9/11/20 8:24 am in News by Anonymous

As part of the activities of the Pilot project, 10 case studies in the regions that were selected to participate in the project were conducted. The case studies have two main objectives:

  1. to collect evidence of the usefulness of the EU-SPI for regional policy-making in the field of social progress
  2. to identify potential proposals for improving the next edition of the index.

Each case study report is divided into four sections, to include:

  1. The profile of the region and definition of the selected thematic focus: this first section is descriptive and presents the socio-economic profile of the region along with the selected thematic area that is covered in more depth in the next sessions.
  2. Policies and initiatives related to the thematic area: This section describes the key policy initiatives around the selected thematic area. It also presentsthe specific implications for the thematic area of the regional governance structure and the regional competencies. The key stakeholders of the thematic area and their roles are also presented.
  3. The usefulness of the EU-SPI in terms of improving policy-making: the main objective of this section is to provide an understanding of how the EU-SPI is used for what purpose (in the specific thematic area), what are the outcomes of using it and, to provide an assessment of what are the intinsinc qualities and limitations of the index. The section also covers other frameworks that could overlap or create synergies with the EU-SPI. This section is considered to be key and is expected that it will be slightly different depending on whether the regions have used or not the EU-SPI; still, in both cases, both policy officials and other stakeholders were interviewed. Most inputs come from these interviews as well as from various documents provided by the interviewees.
  4. Suggested improvements of the EU-SPI: This section is focused on identifying potential ways of improvement for the next editions of the EU SPI index.

All case studies are available for review and download here