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The second EUSPI Peer Learning event, focusing on "The comparability issue on indexes: The specific case of the EU-SPI" took  place in Brussels on the 11th of October 2019. 

The workshop discussed issues of comparability and types of peer groups aiming to:

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What makes certain regions more resilient than others? What are the mutual relationships between quality of governance, territorial competitiveness and social cohesion? This session launches the new Regional Competitiveness Index and brings together good practices and case studies on regional governance and social progress. The aim is to understand if progress in governance is connected to a more competitive environment and higher social integration with the help of most updated data and the direct involvement of regional authorities.

Organiser: Partner/s: European Commission - DG REGIO

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The Peer Learning Workshop took place on the 18th of September 2019, in Umeå, Sweden. 

The focus of the event was on Multi-level governance: Sharing good practices of cooperation and challenges to improve social progress between national and regional and local levels (cities-regions, NUTS2-NUTS3, etc.).

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In the frame of the EU SPI Pilot project, we designed and conducted a user survey addressing policy-makers and  at European, national and regional levels.

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Under the umbrella of the European Social Progress Index, this international event will bring together European cities that are top-ranked on the European Social Progess Index (EU SPI) within their countries. The EU SPI aims to measure social progress for each region as a complement to traditional measures of economic progress. Collectively this summit forms an international network of city leadership that champions the role of Social Progress in their countries.

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