01 Jul Virtual Peer Learning Event: Work and Employment - Possible Inputs to EU-SPI

Posted at 29/06/20 9:57 am in Events by Anonymous

The seventh virtual peer learning event focusing on “work and employment”  took place on the 1st of July at 10:00 CET. The workshop was organised in the frame of the series of peer learning events as part of the activities of the EU SPI Pilot project, and its aim was to allow remote participation for as many of the core members and associated regions of the project.

Employment and work so far are not very present in the SPI as it is considered more of a matter of economic progress which is measured in terms of GDP, income, or employment and the SPI views social progress as more of a complement to that. Yet, work clearly has a social dimension to it beyond providing Europeans with a living. Indeed, work and employment are issues where the economic and the social, inputs and outcomes intermingle. Work and employment provide people with some of the prerequisites for wellbeing such as social contact, meaningful activity, and a sense of belonging and security if all goes well. It also provides and distributes opportunities for achievement, learning and aspiration. Consequently, poor quality of work, insecure employment, tightly regimented, meaningless or underappreciated work also affect wellbeing, opportunities and choices. In addition, unemployment has been shown to have negative impacts on wellbeing even beyond the disadvantages of poor-quality work. In the event, we will explore available regional-level data, the gaps in available data and the impacts that the inclusion of respective indicators to the EU-SPI would have.

The agenda and background document for the workshop can be found in the links below: