19 Dec Virtual Peer Learning Event for the Regions “Defining, Measuring and Improving Well-being for the European regions”

Posted at 19/12/19 5:35 pm in Events by Anonymous

The third virtual peer learning event focusing on "Defining, Measuring and Improving Well-being for the European regions" took place on the 19th of December at 10:00 PM. The workshop was organised in the frame of the series of peer learning events as part of the activities of the EU SPI Pilot project, and aimed to allow remote participation for as many of the core members and associated regions of the project.

During the session the main presentation focused on

· the meaning of well-being

· GDP standard measure and its limitations

· many new approaches and no consensus

· measuring well-being and the inequality issue

· policy conclusions.

The presentation also gave attendees the opportunity to actively participate through the use of an online tool (menti) that allowed them to vote, raise questions or make suggestions. In the presentation available for download below, you also see the answers to the questions included.

The input was followed by presentations from the regions of Centro (Portugal) and EMRA (Ireland) sharing their own experiences with the measurement of well-being indicators and EU-SPI. They provided also recommendations in relation to the use of the indicator and its improvement.

The relevant documents and video recording of the session can be found below: