27 May Virtual Peer Learning event: Immigration, immigrants and social progress

Posted at 21/05/20 7:54 am in Events by Anonymous

The sixth virtual peer learning event focusing on “migration, immigrans and social progress” is planned for the 27th of May at 10:00 CET. The workshop is organised in the frame of the series of peer learning events as part of the activities of the EU SPI Pilot project, and aims to allow remote participation for as many of the core members and associated regions of the project.

Migration and the integration of migrants are two separate aspects of the overall migration topic.

The session will focus on the integration of migrants and in particular on the issues covered by the 2010 Zaragoza set of indicators and the extensions to it that were discussed in the 10 years hence. Suggestions will be made as to which of these indicators can be amenable to inclusion in the EU-SPI given the availability, reliability, and topicality of data at a regional level. In the discussion, we hope to collect opinions on the best way forward regarding sound, informative, and meaningful regional-level indicators of the integration of migrants. Regional representatives and researchers present their experiences in the intersection of social progress and migration, in measurement and policy making.

The agenda and background document for the workshop can be found in the links below: