29 Sep Virtual Peer Learning Event: Demography and ageing

Posted at 29/09/20 2:50 pm in Events by Anonymous

Our series of virtual workshops continues, with the next workshop taking place on the 6th of October at 10.00 CET. Ageing and demographic changes are prevalent and timely topics throughout Europe. Such changes in society require changes in services and practices, and they shape our understanding of what constitutes social progress.

The most important demographic progress in Europe (and in most parts of the world) is the ageing of the population.

This is the result of two separate processes: long-term fall of fertility and increased life expectancy. The latter is the result of processes, like:

  • reduction of child mortality;
  • advances in public health and medical technologies;
  • increased awareness of benefits linked to a healthy lifestyle;
  • a move away from heavy labour towards tertiary occupation;
  • improved living conditions.

The agenda and background document for the workshop can be found in the links below: