09 Oct Regional workshop in the frame of the EWRC “Measuring social progress in European regions and cities”

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The overall aim of the workshop is to generate new knowledge through the application of indicator frameworks, which are measuring human well-being and social progress at the international, European and regional level. Different stakeholders (policy makers, researchers, etc.) of and beyond the “EU-SPI Project – Pilot Project on the Social Progress Index” will share the experiences they have made during the testing of the "EU Social Progress Indicator" and other indicators (e.g. the Regional Well Being Index of the OECD) in different European cities and regions. In the beginning of the workshop, some inputs will be given in order to set the frame and to convey the central aims of the session. The essence of the workshop will be the interactive exchange of the workshop participants by focusing on their experiences with indicator frameworks along with considering issues, taken up by the beyond-GDP initiative. The central questions of the session include: - Do the results of the tested indicator frameworks translate the reality on city/regional level? - Are the tested indicators useful in monitoring social policies on city/regional level? - Are the policies driving these results? Can the results help to improve (regional) policy making and multilevel-governance? - Should other criteria or factors be added to these indicators? - What is the interrelatedness of existing EU, national and regional policies with social progress? - What is the relation between the different indicator frameworks (on regional level)? In addition, the workshop should also deal with the elaboration of proposals, where to identify resources within current and future cohesion policy programmes. Moreover, indications should be identified on how to strengthen the existing measurement of social progress to ensure the more useful uptake by the regional governments.

Date: 9th of October 2019

Time: 14:30 - 17:00 

Organisers: Eastern Slovenia Region, Western Greece Region, Bucharest-Ilvof, City of Umea, with the support of the EU SPI Pilot project

Venue of the event: Permanent Representation of the Republic of Slovenia to the EU, Rue du Commerce 44, 1000 Brussels

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