18 Sep EU-SPI Peer Learning Event back to back with the 1st Social Progress Cities Summit Umeå, Sweden

Posted at 16/07/19 4:55 pm in Events by Anonymous

The event will be held on the 18th of September 2019, in Umeå, Sweden. 

The focus of the event will be on Multi-level governance: Sharing good practices of cooperation and challenges to improve social progress between national and regional and local levels (cities-regions, NUTS2-NUTS3, etc.).

The objective is to discuss the issues of policy steering and data collection on different levels, outlining experiences with city-region coordination to support (any specific field of) social progress; On which level is the data usually aggregated and how can policy making be influenced by indicators that are measured on NUTS-2 level (?).

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More details about the event are coming very soon!