17 Sep Dissemination and Exchange at the 1st Social Progress Cities Summit Umeå, Sweden

Posted at 25/06/19 9:21 am in Events by Anonymous

Under the umbrella of the European Social Progress Index, this international event will bring together European cities that are top-ranked on the European Social Progess Index (EU SPI) within their countries. The EU SPI aims to measure social progress for each region as a complement to traditional measures of economic progress. Collectively this summit forms an international network of city leadership that champions the role of Social Progress in their countries.

Umeå, being one of the runner-ups to the European Capital of Innovation 2018, as well as the biggest city in the region leading the EU Social Progress Index, is delighted to host this 1st Summit for Social Progress Cities. Over the coming months, we will focus our efforts to ensure that a strong agenda can be discussed by all Social Progress Cities summit participants, and key policy messages can be delivered. During the Summit, there will be time and space for networking among peers and invited guests. We will also provide for food and accommodation for 2 persons per city during the conference.

You can read more about the event and find details about how to register here!