At the end of 1990, the Centre for Studies and Financial Education (CEMEX) was established by the Department of Economics of Business and Finance of the University of Athens. The Centre operates within the Special Research Account of the University of Athens (UoA). The UoA team has worked in social policy issues for the Committee of Regions and the Greek Institute of Labour.

The aim of the Centre is to study business economics and financial science and promote training in these issues.

In particular, CEMEX seeks:

  • The promotion of research and applied research on financial and wider economic development issues and problems concerning the Greek economy.
  • Participation in applied research efforts in the development process.
  • The development of information banks – data on international and Greek money and capital markets, which are necessary for the study of financial science and developing a bibliography of the economic sciences.
  • The development of training programmes for university graduates and executives in financial analysis, financial institution management and other businesses, new methods and new products.
  • The provision of training and special applied knowledge to graduates to facilitate their professional use in the developing and continuously diversified Greek financial market, and beyond.
  • Developing partnerships with other academic institutions, domestic or overseas, as well as organisations or business entities, within the framework of the above objectives and goals.

The work of the Centre is part of modern economic reality, characterised by constant changes and developments with the main axes of liberalisation and the internationalisation of markets. CEMEX's scientific interest is related to issues such as money and capital markets, financial institutions, businesses, industry and other economic sectors, small and medium-sized enterprises and technology.